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Issue cards, launch a cardholder app, and experience world-class customer support from a single platform.

Apto puts you in control. Design your dream card program and customize physical cards with your desired color and logo in minutes.

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With your developer account, generate API keys, use our SDKs to launch your cardholder app, and test your integration with unlimited sample transactions.

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When you’re ready, flip the switch to onboard users and activate real cards - physical or virtual. We can handle compliance and cardholder support so you can focus on growth.

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Building blocks for the perfect card program


We provide a robust set of APIs so you can manage users and transaction authorizations.

  • Create or delete users
  • Retrieve card balance information
  • Be part of the transaction authorization process
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We provide PCI SDKs, Mobile SDKs, and UI SDKs to make onboarding users a snap.

  • Securely obtain a card’s PCI protected data within your app
  • Distribute a white label mobile app with your preferred UI
  • Allow your mobile application to easily communicate with the Apto Platform
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Our webhooks keep you up-to-date on cardholders’ activities. Monitor and review:

  • Card PIN updates
  • Physical card shipping status
  • KYC updates
  • Transaction activity
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Apto allows you to connect physical or virtual debit cards to any currency, including crypto. Your cardholders can:

  • Spend crypto anywhere debit cards are accepted
  • Send funds from a source balance to a target balance
Secure & compliant

We hold ourselves and our customers to the highest security and compliance standards.

  • Origin verification to prevent malicious actors from creating unauthorized cardholders
  • Webhooks to monitor PIN changes or KYC updates
  • Components with built-in PCI compliance that allow you to deploy faster
World class support

We offer white label cardholder support so that your users remain happy.

  • Multiple communication methods 
  • Apto manages the entire KYC (Know Your Customer) process, including secure collection and handling of PII (Personally Identifiable Information)
  • Mitigate risk with Apto’s disputes and error resolution process
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