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To enable access for developers to create innovative and inclusive payments experiences globally across traditional, centralized, and decentralized finance with velocity.

Our story

Since our Y-Combinator days, we imagined a world in which card issuance could be democratized. We believed that any company of any size in any industry should be empowered to design and launch new kinds of innovative card programs. So we set out to simplify the long and difficult process of launching a card program.

In 2015, we launched the first bitcoin debit card in the U.S. and today, we continue to be a champion for the most innovative card programs, and the passionate creators behind them.

Our streamlined process enables our customers to launch cards in minutes, not months.

Meg Nakamura

Meg Nakamura

Co-founder and CEO

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In 2014, Meg co-founded Apto with her long-time colleague and friend, Greg Kidd. Prior to Apto, Meg worked for a regulatory and compliance advisory company where she realized that the financial services landscape was in need of a significant upgrade -- the industry was dependent on outdated, legacy infrastructure and entangled in a web of opaque regulatory requirements, making it difficult to build and launch innovative and bespoke card programs specifically designed for their users. The system was set up to serve only the most highly-resourced, established players in the market.

Meg is passionate about creating a payments ecosystem that is more fair and equitable, allowing the most aspirational companies to enter the market quickly and responsibly. She loves working with those who are equally as enthusiastic about creating user-first experiences in the financial services sector. In a business that is focused on utility and transactions, she strives to create a partnership that is anything but transactional.

Greg Kidd

Greg Kidd

Lead Investor and Advisor

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Greg Kidd is a firm believer that one’s identity credentials should be truly portable and owned by individuals themselves rather than corporations or governments. The trade-off between security and privacy can meet the needs of both traditional institutions worried about compliance and risk, but also consumer protection advocates who care about the underserved and underbanked.

Greg has acted as an advisor/investor for numerous startups in the exchange space including Ripple, Square, and Twitter through his seed investment firm Hard Yaka. He has served as director at Promontory Financial, senior analyst for payments at The Board of Governor of the Federal Reserve, and Senior Associate at Booz Allen. Greg has founded multiple companies, including Dispatch Management Services Corp, which he took public on the NASDAQ. He is an avid cyclist and has also worked as an instructor/leader for Outward Bound and the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Richard Francia

Richard Francia


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Richard joined Apto following its acquisition of Vertical Finance, where he was co-founder and CTO. Richard has built and scaled technology teams and platforms for over 25 years across different industries. Richard has worked at various stages of companies, from startups to public companies, including Yahoo, AT&T Interactive/, and Earthlink. Richard’s passion for technology to innovate and solve business problems has led him to co-found multiple startups with a proven track record of exits. In his spare time, you’ll find him hacking away on his ever-evolving home automation project.

Scott Grimes

Scott Grimes

Operations and Compliance

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Scott leads Apto's product operations, cardholder support, risk operations, and compliance teams. With over 20 years of experience in various risk management, operations, and analytical functions, Scott has worked for a wide spectrum of businesses in the financial services and payment industries, including Capital One, Target, Green Dot, and Wallaby Financial. Originally from the Chicago area, Scott has a BS in Mathematics from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Purdue University and currently lives in Napa, California.


Lori Breitzke

Strategic Partnerships

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Lori brings decades of experience in card issuing to Apto. She has been a pioneer at companies such as FIS, Worldpay, and First Data. She has also served as co-chair of both the US Payments Forum and the Innovative Payments Association. Lori's mission is to foster partnerships with top sponsor banks and fintech providers to position Apto as the number one card issuing provider in the country. She is passionate about getting cards to market efficiently and responsibly.

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