Virtual and Physical Cards

Security feature for Programs who have virtual cards with optional or required physical cards.

When a cardholder is issued a virtual card, your Program may either require a physical card, or it could be optional. 


  • Virtual optional Physical
    • Your cardholder will be issued a virtual card, if your cardholder chooses to order a physical card, this virtual card's CVV and Exp date will change. 
  • Virtual required Physical
    • Your cardholder will be issued both a virtual and physical card upon application approval. The physical card's CVV and Exp date will also be different. 

Why are the physical card and virtual card CVV and Exp dates different? 

For security purposes, the physical card will have a different CVV number and Exp date. This allows the cardholder to continue the use of the virtual card while they wait for their physical card to be delivered. 

Once the physical card has been activated (via mobile app/website of Program or IVR number on the back of the physical card) with the activation code, the virtual card's CVV and Exp will update to the physical card. 

You can find more information in our Documentation. If you have any questions about virtual or physical cards please reach out to the Program Support team by submitting a request.