Know Your Business (KYB) Process

Some facts regarding our KYB process

Once you're ready to hit the button on Production, there will be some information we require to really Know Your Business. 

  • Company name
  • Company website
  • Legal Company name
  • Employee Identification Number (EIN)
  • Short description of your business and why it needs a card program.
  • Phone number (SMS required to receive an OTP) 
  • Beneficial owners with 25% equity (or more)
  • Legal name 
  • Date of birth
  • Legal identification (SSN or Passport)
  • Home address (for KYC screening)

You can help fast track the approval process for your card program by having this information available when you're ready to apply for Production. If you'd like more information, take a look at our Documentation. If you have any questions about KYB please reach out to the Program Support team by submitting a request.