Testing the card sign-up flow

A quick guide on how cardholders sign-up for an Apto supported debit card

The quickest way to create a test user is to download our demo application for Android and iOS, also known as our white-label SDK. 

Navigate to the Developers Page in the Developer Portal, click "SDKs", then select the blue "Get link" button on the right-hand side.

Enter your mobile number into the pop-up, then install the demo app using the URL link button. Once you have the app downloaded, you can open it to follow along with the user sign-up flow. 

We will not send an OTP for verification in the demo app. Please use "000000" as the verification code when prompted for one.

You can find more information in our Documentation. If you have any questions about testing the sign-up flow for a debit card, please reach out to the Program Support team by submitting a request.