Know Your Customer (KYC)

Expectations regarding KYC and how Apto provides support

Provided that there are no issues, KYC is processed/approved almost instantly.

If a user has provided information that is incorrect or was entered incorrectly, our Cardholder Support team will reach out to request supporting documentation in order to verify their identity. 

If a user has been rejected by our automatic KYC process;

  1. Apto's Cardholder Support will alert the cardholder via e-mail.
  2. This e-mail will notify the user that additional information is required to review their application process.
  3. Once the user responds with requested documentation, Cardholder Support will manually update the user's information (if required) and manually pass the cardholder. 

If in the event the cardholder is unable to provide further information, documentation, or the information they've provided cannot be verified, they will continue to stay rejected. 

KYC Requirements for Cardholders

Bank account owners (cardholders) must provide a government-issued ID as proof of identity to begin the KYC process. Here's a list of acceptable documentation we require for KYC:




Utility Bill (Gas, water, sewer, electricity, or garbage bill that states “services provide at:”.  Cell phone bills are not acceptable) *

US Passport

SSN card

Rental Agreement

Note: The rental agreement must be current as of the date of application. As in, they're still in the lease.

US Govt ID (State or Federal)

Tax return (e.g. IRS form 1040)

Home insurance policy or bill *

US Driver's License

W-2 form 

Bank Statement *

US Permanent Residency Card 

1099 form

Pay Stub 

US Work Authorization Card 

Pay stub that includes the full SSN 

Tax Statement

US Military Card

Military ID that displays the full SSN 


US Veteran Health Card 


*Must be dated within 60 days

You can find more information in our Documentation. If you have any questions about rejected KYC users, please reach out to the Program Support team by submitting a request.