What can users do within the mobile app?

A small list of features our Mobile SDKs provide your customers

The cardholder has access to manage their account from within the mobile app, some main functions will include; 

  • On the main screen:
    • Activate a physical card.
    • View balances.
    • View list of transactions and drill down into their details.
  • Card settings:
    • Add money via a debit card or ACH deposit.
    • Set a PIN.
    • View card details. (PAN, EXP, CVV) (Applicable if Program is PCI compliant.)
  • App menu:
    • Notification settings.
    • View monthly statements.
    • Contact Cardholder Support.

You can find more information regarding the Mobile SDK in our documentation. Reach out to programsupport@aptopayments.com, or [include link for support form] submit a request if you have questions for the team.